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pisukuta (you uplift us)

Elements on Page:

  • Title: 

  • Images:

  • Tracking $$$ - Display goal instead of amounts?

  • Specific Email for this effort?

  • Land Loss Graphics?

  • FAQs (?)

    •  who are we?

    • Why section

    •  where does the money go?

      • emphasis on social education health and cultural

        • examples from past initiatives in and with community

          • “The 2023 Winter Gathering”, “2024 Spring Gathering”,  “Saticoy Development”

          • Past sukinanik̓oy (2014-16)

    • living culture, community gathering

    • Link charity navigatior

  • 501(c)(3)  Donation Tax Credit

  • Testimonials (acknowledgement of donors) - Wiyot Page Example. We can have testimonials from our friends who help shape the page.

  • Counters - add later when have numbers?

  • Encouragement - Loving neighbor’s sovereignty as well as own

  • Lack of Federal Recognition

    • “Our government hasn’t honored the treaty, but WE can”

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